Saturday, April 22, 2017


8€ -  SLEEK MAKEUP  //  36€ -   KAT VON D  //   67€ -   TOM FORD.  //   21€ -  NYX.  //   36€ -  ANASTASIA  //  €23 -  KEVYN AUCOIN.

Hi! Long time no see. I have been rather busy with few things, so I haven't been able to post somthing for a while. I also gave my camera for my mom for a while, so I also haven't been able to take photos either. But nevertheless, I'm back and I have some great ideas on my mind what to publish. Today I decided to share some of the best contour & highlight palettes with you. And like I've always said you don't have to pay loads of $$ to get a good product. For example I have the Sleek Makeup one and the Kat Von D one and the difference is not that big. So if you're on a tight budget, both Sleek Makup and NYX one do a brilliant job. I haven't personally got a hold of the others I have shared  with you, but I did lots of reasearch and these are definitely the best out there. Anastasia Beverly Hills is perhaps the one with most hype and the Tom Ford one just speaks for itsself.

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